With the advance in technology, service providers of Auto Finance, Insurance and Transportation industries are evolving towards a data-driven innovation model, which led to increasing need for IoV data. However, because the automobile enterprises currently do not have sufficient authorization from data owners, that they can't dispose or sell the IoV data freely.
QoodBlock requires that the use of data must be authorized, and profits from data transactions have to be shared with the data owners, which truly brings the IoV users (data owners) into the digital automotive ecosystem, in accordance with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which took effect from May 2018. And that is the right way for the healthy development of the digital automotive industry.
QoodBlock is an IoV (Internet of Vehicles) data market based on blockchain technology. It aims at establishing a blockchain vehicle data trading market, to solve the problem of data ownership rights confirmation between data owners and holders, and achieve legitimate, transparent and secure transactions based on smart contracts between data owners and data users.
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Auto FinanceAuto Finance service providers can get real and effective information on the usage and status of the targeted vehicles from QoodBlock, to achieve data-driven operational risk management and asset management
Usage-based InsuranceInsurance companies can get relevant information on vehicles through legitimate, secure and transparent transactions from QoodBlock in real time, with which they can provide UBI services for the customers and bring innovative data driven insurance products to the auto insurance industry
Used Car TradingQoodBlock can provide users with effective and transparent data of the transactions of the vehicles, eliminating falsification and fraudulent behaviors of traditional used car dealers because of the lack of information transparency, and breaking the curse of reverse choice of "the Market for Lemons"
Car SharingThere is a distributed vehicle and user database based on blockchain in QoodBlock, with which both participants and developer of the ecosystem can easily develop and deploy MaaS applications, to achieve real P2P car sharing service
Allen Liang
  • Founder of QoodBlock
  • Founder of Bitcoin Committee (SH)
  • Founder of Shanghai Kuaiyixing Info & Tech Ltd
  • Oracle NEP APAC Director
  • Client consultant of Ericsson
Mike Guo
  • More than 10 years experience in embedded software development and design
  • Deep understanding of IoT、IoV, blockchain technology
  • Invest many blockchain projects such as IOTA, OMG etc from 2016
Alex Chen
Chief Architect
  • More than 10 years of experience in the design and development of mobile Internet and IoV client applications.
  • Release the “care your car”, “car guard” , “qood” and many other client APP of automotive industry and exporting APP design framework to many Auto partners by SDK.
Eric Zhai
  • Co-founder of VericX transportation logistics platform, Grace Peak Capital Millen Consulting in US
  • Graduated from University of Maryland, worked in “ITS & traffic data Lab” led by professor Chang and accumulate rich resources in global ITS area
  • Larry Wang
    Chief Architect
    • Chief Architect of QoodBlock
    • Larry has nearly 10 years of experience in the design and development of Internet finance, Internet insurance, IoV SaaS platform and P2P decentralized software architecture
    • Since 2016, Larry has paid close attention to and devoted himself to the blockchain technology-led transformation. He has contributed to the research of Bitcoin and Ethereum fundamental blockchain technology, and invested a lot of ICO projects
  • Henry Wang
    Chief Expert
    • Chief blockchain Expert of QoodBlock
    • Henry has nearly 10 years of experience in designing and developing system software of Internet game platform and IoV platform
    • Henry created a blockchain media and technology promotion platform. He deeply analyzed and also invested in large number of blockchain projects. Henry has deep understanding of fundamental technology of blockchain, consensus mechanism, smart contract etc
  • Chung-cheng Lu
    ITS Advisor
    • Professor of National Jiaotong University Taiwan
    • Expert in the field of ITS, publish nearly 100 articles in English and Chinese
    • National Jiaotong University Taiwan M.S
    • University of Maryland, B.S
  • Yao Zhai
    Automotive Advisor
    • Technical Leader, ITS Continental (San Francisco)
    • Senior technical manager of Qualcomm
    • Graduated from Purdue University, M.S
    • More than 10 years of technical experience in the automotive field, serving the mainstream automotive enterprises in Europe, American and Asia, and has a profound understanding of the innovation trend of the industry
  • Edward King
    • Expert in the large-scale system architecture and Internet of Things
    • 20 Years experience of technical management, consulting and architecture
    • Early adopters of Bitcoin community
    • Serviced in multiple the Top 500 Global corporations as executives
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